Soccer fitness and conditioning


Soccer, also known as football in most countries in the world is perhaps the most demanding game of all the sports we have today. If you are keen enough, you will realize that of all the games played currently, few games are played on a large playing ground as witnessed

Soccer Drills and Skills

As a football fan, you are passionate about the round ball game. You want the football players and teams you support to have great football skills and real speed on the football field. Some of our most enjoyable times as fans is when we are watching our local club games. You know

Choosing the best soccer ball

How do you choose the ideal Soccer Ball? There are a few things that one should consider before buying soccer ball for kids. Soccer is a national game that is known in different names in various countries but the goal and conditions of the game are similar in almost all,

The Importance of Flexibility in Soccer

A good stretching session should last about 15 minutes. Stretching should take place before practice, and cool-down exercises should take place afterwards. Most stretches are pretty straight-forward, but others can easily be done improperly. When trying a new stretch, players should always know what muscle groups they are supposed to